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Hi Daniel, in my situation a drogue would have been totally out of the question. Imagine the loads with full sail up and 35 knots gusting to ??? and it would not have addressed my problem. Too much sail and too dangerous to go forward to address that.
Had the boat not handled it so well I would have had to try something else but I'm not sure what that would have been. Spilling the sails forward reduced the loads and the Amel SM did the rest.
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On 08/10/2022 08:06 Daniel Alexander Thompson <thompson.xander@...> wrote:

Right Danny, yes. Sails a flogging, of course. Thank you for the in depth explanation. 

Regarding broaching. Are there many SMs with Jordan series drogues? Would it be so difficult to mount plates on the gunwales that could take 8 tons? I think about Delos in the Indian Ocean with half an hour shifts where they passed out with exhaustion. A JSD would have surely left them drinking tea. 

I could do with a 4th halyard. I'm forever taking the Genoa down for the safety line to get up the mast. 

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