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zondag 18 april 2010 10:22:11
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hello everyone,

We where in Rocella Ionica last year i think in august(high season) then they charge 20 euro for the nigth including water.Very reaseneble for the Med.
I used to be free but things change.They only charge in high season i believe.They have great pizzas in the marina restaurant and cheap no nead to cook aboard when you are in there.We like the place very much.A walk to the town and a cappucino on the central squire is worth the trouble.Enjoy it.

phil from miles ahead
santorin 101
Las palmas

Btw It was still ok to enter take a big turn towards the beach as you enter dont go to close to the breakwater.You should have 3meter depth
most off the time.Go slow iff you should touch its sand so dont worry.

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