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I had several emails and some back-and-forth with Yahoo regarding file space for the FILES section. As you probably know, they allow us 100MB for the FILES section and 100GB for the PHOTO section. In my discussions with them, they stated that "it is all about the total file space they have allocated for GROUPS." Among other things, I suggested that the 100MB limitation was really a yesteryear number and that they should do better or combine the space allowed between FILES and PHOTOS.

Anyway things are looking up...the following is their last email to me:

"Hello Bill,

We appreciate your suggestion, Bill. When the photos section
was refactored, the storage space was increased from 100MB
to 100GB. The Product team has indicated that they are planning
a similar increase for the files area when it is refactored.
Unfortunately, at this time, we don't have any further information
regarding when this change will take place..."

So, if we can live with what we have until this "refactoring" occurs, we will be in great shape after it.


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Hi Bill,

I have deleted some old files. I hope nobody is concerned about them.

Thanks for the alert.
Jose Luis

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To the moderator and All,

The file space allocated for our FILES section is 100mb. Currently we are at 97% of our 100MB limit. I noticed this when I tried to uplaod a 5mb service manual for the 24 volt Leece-Neville 175 amp alternator. I am sure there are some of you that would want this.

First of all, I have a hard time believing that Yahoo has put such a small limit on their grooups...probably the reason that Google constantly kicks Yahoo's ass!

Secondly, I suppose we have do some house cleaning. This will involve each of us taking a look at our postings to the FILES section as well as the moderator taking a look at older files posted there by inactive members.

In the mean time, if anyone would like a copy of the service manual for the 24 volt Leece-Neville 175 amp alternator, email me at bill"at"


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
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