Re: [Amel] Chain Counter

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Barry:

Thanks for you information. I am a little uncertain of some details. Would please
summarize for me the following:

Name, address and phone number of the vendor where we can get the IB5076 sensor.
Is it only available from Germany?
Approximate cost excluding shipping.
Approximate time for shipping from vendor to the USA.
Any idea about import duty if it has to be imported to the USA?


Gary Silver, Amel SM2000 #335

Barry wrote: " Here is an update on the IB5076 sensor. Firstly, it IS available so the information previously advised on this site that it was not, is incorrect. Secondly, an alternative replacement is the IB5124. This is the same diameter but uses only two wires instead of three as with the IB5076. I used the IB5124 sensor only because I had to wait for a delivery from Germany for the IB5076 while the alternative was readily available. The price was similar."

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