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What is the hull number?

You wrote: “ In my reading of the circuit diagrams, this should be 24v.”

Which circuit diagram are you referring to? If you mean the Sleipner owners manual, Amel did not follow it. Neither color code nor wiring. 

Attika A54 117
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Em sáb., 22 de out. de 2022 às 22:47, David Dickman <jdd91656@...> escreveu:

Hi All,
   I am having an issue with the bow thruster on my A54.  I believe it is either the Sleipner SP 200 or SP240, the identification tag is hidden on the back of the motor next to the bulkhead and lift drive so I can't see it.  

At any rate, the lift motor works fine, but the thruster driving the propellers has stopped.  It worked fine, then was intermittent one day, then stopped altogether.

Here is what I have done:
4 bow thruster relays (UP/down)
IPC switch 6-1232-i
IPC switch wiring harness
reversed up/down proximity sensors and wiring to check if they work (they do)
removed and cleaned solenoid and all contacts inside.
checked power switch at helm -gets 26v
checked thruster momentary toggle at helm (26v - 0, depending upon port/starboard direction - working)
replaced emergency cutoff switch (working)
checked main power fuse to 24v supply attached to emergency cut off switch (good, 0ohm)
checked 10A fuse in relay box (good, 0ohm)
Up/Down ball screw motor on thruster works both directions reliably, sound indicator works, raise and lower stop function works.

Now, however, I only get 6v at the power control harness on the bow thruster between the red and black wires.  In my reading of the circuit diagrams, this should be 24v.  I don't know where this voltage is produced - is it inside the motor itself?
The neg/positive (A1 and Pos post on motor read 26v between them).

Anybody have ideas where to look for the small supply voltage of only 6V?  

Related question, can I take off the motor while the boat is in the water.  Looks like I can.  The shaft down to the propellers is attached by an aluminuml L plate to the up/down ball screw lift motor and when locked in place with the safety pin, it should not move.  that should allow one to remove just the motor head.



Attika A54 117
Paraty - Brazil 

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