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The reason for any water, clean or otherwise, flowing back in to the bowl, is the failing of the back flow valve in the main line from the macerator to the tank. It is a simple change that will solve the problem. Make sure you flush with clean water several times so there is only clean water in the main line to the tank as this water will flow out when you remove the joker valve.


With practice, you will have a very good idea of how long you can go before the tank fills up. How we use the head, depends on how long we intend to stay at a port without pump out facilities. Our normal use allows one week. We have stretched this to three weeks, while staying in Venice with control of how we flush. I think you get the idea without needing to get too graphic.


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Not sure if SM2K and 54 tanks are different, but I noticed that while tank is not full the toilet bowl has clean water, once tank is full the water gets color. Once water gets color I checked via deck opening to see that it is very close to the top. 

I also know that it is 20 gal tanks so kind of mentally approximate when it will get there and around 1/2 or 3/4 of the way call pump out boat. 


Would be great to know if there are easier and better ways to monitor black tanks. 


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Has someone installed a septic tank sensor? 
If it's not, how do you  know the tank is close to overflowing?


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