Minwax urethane finish & Eno manual

John & Ruth Martin <jjmartin24@...>

Hello all,

I refinished my propane locker door with Minwax "Helmsman" urethane semigloss from the spray can. It looks like the Amel original factory finish. I put 4 coats on, one after the other, no sanding between coats or waiting for drying time. The only difference between the Helmsman and their regular urethane is the Helmsman has UV protection in it. If I use it to refinish wood in the cabin I'll use the regular Minwax as the UV protection has a slightly darker tint.

If anyone needs an English version of the Eno propsane stove operational manual, it is not long and I'd be glad to mail it to you.

John Martin
SM #248 "Moon Dog"

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