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David Vogel

The refurbished engine room hatch coming back on-board today, so last chance on the temp one ...

On 24/10/2022, 12:39 pm, "David Vogel" < on behalf of david.vogel@...> wrote:

Hi All,

Just a brief heads-up that we on PERIGEE are almost finished the refurbishment of our Engine Room Hatch - cutting out the rusty metal sub-frame and rotted balsa core, replacement with G10, fibreglass, resealing and repainting, new struts, and so on.

Whilst these works have been underway, we had a weatherproof temporary hatch made out of marine ply (reinforced and sealed). It's good enough to walk-on, keeps the rain out, just not so noise-proof - we did relocate from a Marina to the hard-stand, so it is quite serviceable in that regards, just not up the "AMEL standard" of noise-proofing. But quite OK for coastal / protected waters work, in the marina and on-the-hard.

ANYWAY, the new hatch will be ready for installation in a few days, after which the temporary hatch will no longer be required on svPerigee. If there is some AMEL owner in NZ/Northland who might be facing this unenviable task, then there will be spare temp hatch available.

Please let me know, and we can try to sort something out.

SM#396, svPerigee
On-the-hard, Marsden Cove
020 4071 2784

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