ACMO problem solving process

Slavko Despotovic

I have to report this as it is good experience. I am changing jib furler parts and cable and terminals as well. It is done by local rigger. I have ordered special parts from ACMO for furler and rigger made a new cable plus parts from ACMO. Today we started with process of pushing the cable in to furler but after 30-40 cm it stoped. We tried several times but it was all the same. Then we measured the old cable and terminals (swage) and have found out that there is a difference in diameter it was 21,5mm and should be 20 mm. Rigger said that ACMO send the wrong part.
At 12:30 I called ACMO but they were at the lunch so no reply. At 13.05 Audery called me back. While I was waiting I have send her a mail with some photos, how the rigger have done it. ACMO said that it was not ok and it should be done differently. Rigger did not want to accept that he didi it wrong. Audrey from ACMO then said that I should send it all to them and they will fix it to be 20mm as it should be. She said I will cover the transportation cost to ACMO. Fixing the problem and transportation back to me will be free of charge. Vauu. At 15.00 we ad solution of the problem.
I have to add the conversation was very professional, no blaming and fast. We are sending cable to them tomorrow. 

SM 2000
#279 Bonne Anse in Croatia

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