Re: Lofrans Tigres mainshaft bent key extraction

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Tim. I would try a 10mm pin punch on the side of the key and bonk it solidly with a heavy hammer
 Note I said bonk not bash
 Failing that I would cut or grind away the exposed portion of the key. This should then allow the 2nd half of the gypsy to come off. Then what remains of the key can be lifted out of its channel.
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On 31/10/2022 13:12 Tim Melbourne <tim@...> wrote:

Anybody know a clever trick to extract a bent key without trashing either the windlass mainshaft, its bearings internal to the housing, and/or the gypsy? 
I've tried everything I, and various interested Seattle parties, can think of, no dice.  
See photos below - mine (bad1, bad2.jpg) and how it ought to look (good.jpg). 
And if you haven't lubed your gypsy of late...

Thanks in advance. 
-Tim Melbourne
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