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Mohammad Shirloo

Some standing rigging can be replaced without stepping the mast. This is the case for the Amel 54 and I believe for the Super Maramu, but I'm not certain. You have to have a rigger that is familiar with the rigging to know the sequence of removal and replacement. We just replaced the entire rigging in the water in a marina. We used Nicky Samut from Malta. He would be the person to contact. I believe he has replaced several Amel rigging without stepping the masts. I would highly recommend Nicky. We flew Nicky from Malta to Rome to have ours done. It is also important for the rigger to know how to set an Amel rig, which is different than most others.

A word of caution. If the sequence of removal and replacement is not performed correctly, or the masts are not supported sufficiently during the process, It could lead to the loss of the rig. The weather, wind, wake and waves in the area (If performing in water) will also be a factor to keep a close eye on.

Happy Sailing;

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
AMEL 54 #099

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I have an estimate to replace my standing rigging, including the masts. The estimate includes pulling the masts. This seems to me to be excessive. To my knowledge there are no issues with the masts and I would prefer not to disrupt seals that are not leaking and the boat is currently on the hard. However, I have been informed they will not do the mast rigging without pulling the masts.

Is this standard procedure for standing rigging replacement?

SV Bearfoot SM #36

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