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Well said, David and Shelley. We hope our paths cross in the Aegean.

  We first met Olivier  more than 22 years ago, when he was at Amel and in charge of the 7 day handover of our new boat ( our third Amel ).
 His knowledge of Amels is sans pareil and his ability to explain, both to newcomers and seasoned Amel owners, is exceptional.

Thank you, Olivier!

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada, Greece

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Hello all,  

Since two people have recently posted about cracks in their booms, the occurrence of which I find surprising on an Amel, can anyone provide information on how this occurs and what if anything can be done to mitigate or reduce the risk of this occurring.  Does it relate to the mid boom location of the preventer perhaps?  I feel this is never an ideal location for a preventer but thought that boom damage from such was unlikely on a boat as stoutly built as a Amel.  

On another and more pleasant topic I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Olivier Beaute for all the time, thoroughness, and patience he exhibited with my wife Shelley and I as we tried to drink from the Amel fire hose of information that he very generously conveyed to us during the survey of our recently acquired SM2K (and this even after owning a Santorin for 6 yrs!)
  I actually have never seen a surveyor climb even one mast let alone two, nor thoroughly inspect an engine.   He even adjusted our steering cables!  Remarkable. 
If there are any prospective Amel owners out there, I would most heartily recommend doing whatever it takes to have Olivier do your survey, I can assure you, that you will not be sorry.  

Additionally Bill Rouse’s pre purchase photo survey is well worth his modest fee.  We hired Bill to evaluate an SM we looked at in Italy, we took 400 or so photos, which Bill reviewed and commented on.  

The day we got home and as we were actually reviewing the findings with him via Skype, I received an email from the seller telling us he had sold the boat to someone else the morning after we were there.

  Be this as it may, Bill very graciously offered to do another assessment without additional fee if we found an alternative boat and ultimately he was very helpful in us acquiring SM2K 423. 

  Everything Bill noted did indeed show up on the survey, from leaking HP lines on the watermaker to a cranky manual furler, but the boat is in very good overall structural condition which he suspected.  His early insights allowed us to acquire one of, if not the last genoa furler rebuild kits with a motor available, for which we are very grateful. (altho it’s not needed yet)

Heck, while I’m at it I’d like to also thank Bill Kinney for his frequent, knowledgable and very informative posts.  

Sorry to be so longwinded here but I feel these gentlemen are a very real asset to prospective and current Amel owners and without being too hyperbolic I suspect they add value to all of our boats as well as the Amel brand in general.  Thank you.  

Best regards,  

David and Shelley Bruce
sv Zia
SM2K 423
Lavrio, Greece

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You need a good welder. Thats wat i did. 
Cheers Heinz 

Am 05.11.2022 01:37 schrieb Stefan Jeukendrup <sjeukendrup@...>:

After 2 consecutive unsuccesfull repairs, thef irst one held a year.
But the second one with reinforcements on both sides of the attachment block failed at the first sail again.
Eric suggested a sleeve could help.
Did any of you do this repair with succes before?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions,

Stefan Jeukendrup

sv Malaka Queen
SM2k #348 @Tanger, Morocco

Sv Quetzal, Supermaramu 2000, 292, cheers Heinz 20221105_093220.jpg20221105_093213.jpg20221105_093157.jpg

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