Re: Water flow in the toilet bowl

Porter McRoberts

Take the valve apart. Usually an easy clean and relubrication with silicone grease. 
Will commonly work for many more years. 

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I looked in my files to find the model number for the solenoid, but had no luck.  I will look in a couple of other places.


I understand what you are saying about the valve sticking open when nobody is onboard.  On my boat, there is a small drain hole under the wooden sole in the forward head which should be big enough to drain what might overflow.  Still, it does present some risk.  Initially, I would turn off the water pump if I was leaving the boat for any amount of time, but over time, I have become complacent and only turn it off when I leave the boat for days at a time.


I’m glad you were able to find the valve.  If you are able to make it work, I suspect it will only be temporarily, so recommend replacing it and then keeping an additional spare on board for the aft head.  I still have the spares that I purchased from Amel at the time the boat was delivered, so have never needed to source a new one.





A55, No. 65

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