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I believe the Leroy Somers motor is exclusive to Amel. Unless, you have a part number different from Amel's for the same motor. I was told this from a large LS distributor who traced the stock number.


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On 11/6/2022 1:18 AM, Bill Kinney wrote:

Which shaft are we talking about?  The horizontal one on the electric motor? Or the vertical one that drives the line tender drum?

If it is the motor, the best option is probably to replace the motor.  Amel had these in stock last time I needed one. This motor can in two brands, Leroy-Somers and Bonfiglioli.  With the part number from the label you can order from a local distributor.  For Leroy-Somer you can try Nidec Motor Corp, I do not have a listing for Bonfiglioli USA distributor, but they are out there. Lead times can be long.

If the vertical shaft on the line tender is the problem, a local machine shop ought to be able to fabricate a new one, or repair.

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