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Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks for the information Arno. Just ordered. The eBay store I found to ship to the US was unclear whether it included one or two speakers. I’m assuming that Pioneer Speaker Carrozzeria TS-T730-2 includes two speakers. Can you please confirm.


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Dear Forum,

Many  of the Amels carry a Bose Acoustimass speaker system, either the 2+1 or 4+1 system. Although a good choice of Amel given the space it requires, Bose has this strange thing I always found with Bose in which they seem to think that the higher frequencies (trebles) of music are of no relevance. In other words higher frequencies are almost non-existent in the soundstage of the Acoustimass.
It annoyed me quite a bit as I'm used to speakers that do not suffer from this problem. To improve this I made a simple addition that makes a big difference in the sound quality of the system. By no means I will pretend this is a "audiophile" solution but the clarity of music really improves.
It involves ordering two tune-up tweeters from Pioneer via eBay. This model is not available in Europe or the USA but via eBay you can simply order it in Japan.
 See the enclosed picture for the model and they way I added it to the satellite speakers. No drilling, just stick them to the satellite speaker (de-grease the speaker first!). The cable is shortened to something like 10-15 cm and connected in parallel to the Bose satellite (just stick the the cable with the other cable in the back of the satellite speaker). Do mind the positive and negative leads though.

The tweeter-set is around 150 euro and mounting it takes 1 or 2 hours as the mounting studs of the Bose are a bit finicky with hard to reach screws.



Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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