Re: Maramu mizzen tension

Paul Stascavage


If you can locate another boater in your area that has a Loos PT-3 gauge, the tension for a super maramu should read approximately 10 for the mizzen backstays.  That data comes from a 'cheat sheet' I photographed when we had our rigging tuned by Vance & Underwood in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I'm sure Bill R or one of the other wise members would know if the Maramu tension should be the same or slightly higher/lower than the SM.

A fair number of sailors own one of these tension gauges.  Not sure where you are but you may get lucky finding someone in your area or if the kitty allows, you can purchase one for about $220 on amazon

I ended up purchasing one so I could periodically check the tension on most of the rigging.  The thickest cable this model can be used for is 10 mm.

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Paul Stascavage
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