Re: Raymarine Autopilot Computer Error & Ladybug New Owners

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, some years ago in French Polynesia I had similar problems. The techs after long and arduous investigations told me the fault was in the course computer so I dropped the pick and ordered a new unit. In the two week wait I took the advice of a 12 year Cruiser and checked the electrical connection to the 12 volt clutch. He was right and the techs wrong. I found some corroded connections, fixed them. Done. Sme 7 or 8 years later, same again. Again bad connections.
Worth a look perhaps. I guess with the continuous on and off of current to the clutch as course corrections are made these connections are subject to forces not experienced with other equipment.
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On 29/11/2022 04:48 NZDT Richard Dallett <dallettrichard@...> wrote:
The connection from the computer to the auto pilot is to the clutch and not the motor.  Check with Bill Rouse, but the way I understood him, the computer should be set to 12 volt, not 24, as the clutch runs on 12 volt though the motor is 24. Indeed, when I had my pilot rebuilt by Raymarine it came back with 2 wires labelled 12 volt and 2 wires labelled 24.

Richard Dallett
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