Re: Retiring Soon, Looking for a Pre-Owned Amel


Jean and I have spent many pleasant hours aboard S/V Jonathan and it is a meticulously well maintained boat. I can rarely say there is a boat that is truly ready to cruise, just bring your toothbrush, but Jonathan meets that criteria.

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Hi Susan,

If you are still looking for your Super Maramu you may have a look at sv-jonathan dot de. It is all in English.

Good luck


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Fantastic! Thanks, Bill.


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There is an Amel Super Maramu in NC. The owner has well cared for her.

He was part of this group, but I have not seen him post anything in some time. You can contact the owner at agav8ter"at"

I found his Amel at

Also, it goes without saying that the absolute expert in the US on Amels is Joel are talking to the right person.

Hope this helps.


s/v BeBe, SM2, #387
currently Malaysia

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WOW! We are about to create a new reality! Retiring and sailing aboard a beautiful sailboat. An Amel is an obvious choice. If you know of anyone looking to sell their Amel, please let us know. Also, any advice you have for first time buyers would be appreciated.

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