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 Does it have to be sent to Dessalator in Spain ?  Their agent in Southampton, Advance Yacht Systems, might be able to sort the problem.

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I also had a few problems with the controls and I would suggest to deal with any experienced water maker technician who will source and replace the faulty components which can be found, identical or similar, on the market.

Much cheaper and faster.

Louis A54

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The problem is you are not in EU … so you have to import the panel in EU and reexport it … other solution you come in EU with the panel in your luggage and do the same when you leave back ….

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My watermaker panel needs rebuilding/repair at Dessalator.  Since my boat is in Scotland, the panel was shipped by the boat yard directly to Spain where Dessalator service is located.  Spanish customs demanded 200 Euro duty and the package got rejected by Dessalator and sent back to the yard.  As I’m trying this a second time, I would love to avoid paying the duty given that the part was made in the EU and is just being sent for repair.  Anyone know how?  Many thanks in advance.  

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