Re: Hollow Rudder

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Peggy, neither you nor John mentioned the drain hole in the bottom of the rudder. It gets all those unaware of the Amel method excited when they see water running or dripping out of the bottom. It can get blocked by shellfish and or mud and should be cleaned with a screwdriver. I always rinse the cavity with a hose.
Kind regards
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

On 29/11/2022 21:27 NZDT JOHN HAYES <johnhayes862@...> wrote:
Peggy the Amel uses a water ballasted rudder. The holes are normal and should not be blocked
John Hayes
Nga Waka
Wellington NZ
On 29/11/2022, at 7:54 PM, Peggy Rotan via <pjrotan@...> wrote:
This is Peggy with the Amel SM #36
My boat is out of the water getting some bottom work done. I have observed that the rudder is hollow and there are openings at the metal hinges that allows sea water into the void. This seems strange to me. Is this normal, or something that needs to be fixed? Please see the attached picture.

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