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Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks Arno. Will look into it. How did you receive the unit. Did you have it shipped or pickup?  


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Typically what happens with these things is the circulation pump starts leaking and after a while iy shorts out. Also the heating element can short out when it gets old.

Go to to see a abundance of models you can choose from. Be careful with the sizes, some of them are a bit bigger and you need all the space you have anyway, also the ones with a handle may interfere with the cupboard door left of the machine. I got this one ( two months ago and very happy with it. It has this party trick where it opens the door itself after the cycle to let out the moisture. A bit scary at first but you get used to it.
Fitting the watersupply is a bit of a wiggle as there is this hose breakage protection unit fitted on the new hose. Also be aware the shut off valve under the sink is likely to leak when shutting it off due to lack of usage.


Arno Luijten,
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