Re: A54 Dishwasher replacement

Arno Luijten

Hi Mohammad,

Klarstein is one of the trading companies that use this big factory somewhere in the world to have the appliance made. I’ve seen it under at least 8 different brands. Klarstein does have the most permutations of the same model though. I chose the black because it suits the boat better then the silver. Klarstein has presence in several countries as they mostly do stuff online.
For fitting there is little you need to do. First remove the drawer by releasing the strap in the back. Next you can remove the two bolts that hold the board that supports the dishwasher together with the dishwasher, it may be a bit stiff to remove. I had to make small modifications to the wooden strips that fixate the dishwasher on the board. The one in the front I moved to the rear. Also I put some additional small rubber feet under the dishwasher to raise is about 5mm so it stays free from the nuts that keep the board fixed. But all small things. The basic dimensions are the same. Compared to the old old one the door is hinged differently, this is why I moved the front strip to  the back. I found the performance slightly better although the rack inside a bit less sturdy. They are not interchangeable though.

SV Luna

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