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Hi David,

About 10 years ago we switched to an ordinary Jabsco model. Slightly noisier, more powerful ( we don't have showering  teenagers on board ! )  . Cheaper than the original Amel pump. We carry a spare.

 It did not occur to me not to hook it up to the indicator light. 

Both pump and light are still working.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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Hi all,

Faced with limited availability (and time) at the moment we needed to replace the already non-OEM freshwater pump, I elected to go for a generic electronically-controlled variable-speed constant-pressure pump, the JABSCO model 42755-0394 (so-called VFlo5), providing 19 LPM (5.0 GPM).

I was advised by Frank in Martinique that the electronic controller of the VFlo series pumps does not take kindly to being hooked up to a run-indicator lamp, such as we have on our 24v DC panel - apparently, doing so destroys the electronic controller.  Rather than test this advice, we have done without the indicator lamp since moving aboard.  We are as a consequence well attuned to the sound of the pump when operating.

The original VFlo5 I installed failed after 12 months, but the replacement has been running satisfactorily now for almost 5 years (touch wood).  I believe that the JABSCO 42755-series pumps are now obsolete, replaced by the functionally identical R4426 & R4320 series pumps by JABSCO's parent company XYLEM.  I understand the parts are interchangeable.



SM#396, Perigee
Bay of Islands, NZ

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I have not had any luck sourcing the spares kit for the original AMFA freshwater pressure pump. IMNASA have no stock.

So much for my faith that the impeller would last forever with only freshwater use, it seams that the bronze impeller is worn slightly and now the pump does not like to prime as well as it used to when the tank is nearly empty. Tell tale sign is that it is beginning to fail.

So I am thinking of going for one of Marco’s pumps. The one I like is the UP 12/A 24v. It pumps 36 litres per minute. Could just fit on top of the existing pressure vessel.  Retail price 571 euros, but there is a discount available…

I have considered the electronic controlled ones but think that it is likely to be less reliable, and more costly. It may be more efficient and can, according to Marco be installed without a pressure vessel. So I see that advantage, but then I read that it is better to use a pressure vessel. So what is the advantage?
In my book the less electronic controls the better, especially considering the basic set up, with the current pump which worked flawlessly for 16 years;  simple mechanical pressure switch, the same as on the Marco, a pressure vessel to damp cycling and cushion the loads that I will continue to use.

Before I make the order I am open to persuasion as to a better option. Any opinions out there?

Kind regards

Nick Newington

S/Y Amelia Amel 54-019

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