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Hi Scott,

In common with many SM owners we found ourselves having to clean the aft waterline too often. After studying a variety of waterlines on different yachts we took the plunge when we put Coppercoat on in 2009 and we raised the Coppercoat to the top of the bootstripe. We added a fresh bootstripe above that.

We no longer have to clean the waterline.  If you look closely, the hull now looks sleeker, but in practice no one  notices the change. In 13 years it has yet to be noticed by any other SM owner.

Maybe they are just being polite---but Amel owners are not slow to express their views on aesthetics , so I don't think so.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece

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Hi Scott, my 2c. Why not raise it to one of red stripes? 
If you try to make the waterline even, then later If the boat is balanced again, the water line will become crooked. To me uneven bottom paint is not a problem, uneven gelcoat height is a huge and rubbing stick into my eye.
I think you also want to preserve AMELs higher bow waterline. A lot of people buy into AMEL philosophy and dont always like deviating from it. If you use stripes and raise it up to them all around, I think it will work.         

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After nearly 5 years of scrubbing growth off our gelcoat in beautiful tropical locations, we've given up and decided to raise the waterline.

As with many Amels, we are a bit stern heavy, accentuated by the fact that we have a beefy solar arch and Simpson davits, which often hold our 100kg dinghy+motor combination at night on anchor. 

However, we are also suffering the "lithium list" as a result of losing nearly 300kg from our battery bank, located under the starboard side passage berth. This, combined with the heavier 11kw "comfort package" Onan on port, means that our previous 0.5 degree list has now increased to 1.5 degrees to port. 

Anyone repaint their waterline with a list like this? How did you manage it? The boatyard here in NZ believes if we have unequal height painted waterlines on port-stb, it will look terrible. As such, they want to have 8cm of bottom paint showing at the highest point (starboard bow) and then carry that laser aimed line through both sides to the stern. That would mean there is more bottom paint showing on starboard side, but at least port side won't have gelcoat underwater.

I have virtually no artistic sense, but I was considering a painted waterline that was higher on port, where the boat is heavier, but the painter believes, probably rightfully so, that theres's no good way to have the uneven height lines meet at the bow/stern.

Part of me is considering just ditching our Onan because we've used it a grand total of 8 hours in the last 12 months, despite being mostly off-grid!

Any thoughts or experiences that could help guide me? Thanks!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

Fair winds
Ruslan Osmonov
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