Re: Minwax urethane finish & Eno manual

Stephan Regulinski


With this like-new propane locker, try glueing two plastic washers to
the door where the bolts come through and the plastic nuts screw on.
This will protect your stunning new finish and make you a lifetime
member of the compulsive maramu maintenance maniacs group.

Can you scan in your Eno manual and post it somewhere? I would love
a copy, but being "out there" mail is a little cumbersome.


- In, "John & Ruth Martin"
<jjmartin24@h...> wrote:
Hello all,

I refinished my propane locker door with Minwax "Helmsman" urethane
semigloss from the spray can. It looks like the Amel original
finish. >
If anyone needs an English version of the Eno propsane stove
manual, it is not long and I'd be glad to mail it to you.

John Martin
SM #248 "Moon Dog"

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