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I have a 1983 Mango, I didn't know there was a 1981 Maramu, anyway I reciently had the controll unit replaced with a more modern unit, TMQ from Queensland Australia. the Tec that fitted it told me that the Neco motor drive unit was far better than any new one's. He said that the only problem they may have is with the contacts. He removed the unit and overhalled it for me and showed me the contacts which were in the box on top of the motor. He diddn't mention any fuses in there, but I could ask him for you. Apparently the contacts, which are similar to relay contacts, can get a rough surface due to arcing and may not pass current. Perhaps if you remove the unit and clean the contacts. Our one came out quite easily from the coupboard.  

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Subject: [Amel] Neco Autopilot Failure

The Neco autopilot on Popeye 1981 Maramu #81 failed 4 days before arriving in Colon from Tampa. My suspicion (and fervent hope) is that a fuse has gone, since I was probably asking too much of it in the conditions. I am having trouble accessing the fuses. There is a grey plastic box on top of the drive unit that the manual says houses them, with two cables from the drive unit to it. The user manual does not mention this apparent addition. Access to the top of this grey box is all but impossible without cutting away the overhead above it. It even appears difficult if not impossible to remove the whole drive unit through the swing up access hatch since the cabling is so tight and the unit appears that it might not even fit through the available space.

Any advice from anyone who has had to replace a fuse, or details of how to access them, would be very, very greatly appreciated. Since I am single handing, I am stuck in Colon until I can get this resolved.

I am using an internet cafe some miles away for access, and will check back in a couple of days.

Richard Molony
Popeye, 1981 Maramu #81

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