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Never forget that globally the winds in Pacific Ocean are lighter that the ones in Atlantic the most complicated being the Indian Ocean … 

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Le 14 déc. 2022 à 20:18, Alexander Ramseyer <alexramseyer@...> a écrit :

Hi Joerg,
I used that original AMEL ballooner this year between Panama and Hawaii. For long trade wind passages, I can't think of anything better than that!  The boat goes fast and stable. You will need a forestay with three tracks to accommodate both sails and the "mouse" that is needed to take the ballooner back down. I had it hoisted with both poles out (my early AMEL54 came with two sidepoles), but that is not a necessity.  You may want to ask AMEL and the OEM of your forestay to find out whether or not they can produce the part that you would need for your 55. The mouse pair is still available from AMEL, I just ordered a spare  last week.
Best, Alex

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