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Hi Giovanni,

At the Basimapokoulos Shipyard in Kilada in the Peloppenese. The chief mechanic there is Dimitris.  Not cheap, but excellent.

The yard has no marina, just a large travellift and about 600 yachts ahsore.


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Hi Jan, where in Greece, name? Cheers
Giovanni Testa
Eutikia sm 428 _ Preveza G R

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Hi Scott , 
It can be done ashore if you are lucky enough to find an exceptional mechanic . We found one in Greece  . We had had a small amount of vibration between 1500 and 1900 revs . He eliminated it without using the alignment tool . 
Luck ? We’ll never know ( but he is highly competent )

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen , SM 302 , Kilada, Greece

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Hi all,

We are replacing our motor mounts and have heard conflicting information as to whether you can do it while on the hard. 

Some have stated that we need to be in the water to ensure that the hull has settled into the correct, water loaded shape. Any thoughts?

Yes, we have the alignment tool. (Thanks Raul!)

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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