Re: Raising the waterline on an Amel that lists to one side?

Porter McRoberts

Scott. A question and your thoughts if you would. 
I imagine the  port side list also fully submerges the engine exhaust, generator exhaust and raw bilge water exit. Does that generate any concerns regarding water ingress?  Especially if there is damage to a thru hull?  Somewhere I am thinking back to a comment re Amel philosophy of through hulls being just above the waterline. 
How about a much smaller generator. Or even a dc generator to reduce weight?  

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I am upgrading my LG Neon 2 (320w x 3) to Sunpower Maxeon 3 (430w x 3). I had some thoughts about putting 2 panels above the cockpit on a stainless frame, but decided it wasn't worth the brain damage to figure it out. Too many other things to work on!

Chris on Glazig has figured out how to put a pair of Sunpower Maxeon 3 400w above the cockpit on his SM, so might be worth talking to him if you're interested. 

Sunpower panels are more expensive than Chinese panels or even LG, but far better in many respects. 

PS - your video was quite helpful. We will likely put a sticker on vs. paint the bootstripe. 

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