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Ian and Judy,

I am trying to visualize the bimini configuration you described. As I understand it, your current raised bimini no longer attaches to the turnbuckles along the top of the dodger. Instead, your bimini stands free and has a clear vinyl panel that zips onto the forward edge of the bimini and then (I assume) clips down on the turnbuckles along the top of the dodger.

If my understanding of your bimini is correct, what holds the bimini frame forward and taught? Does your bimini fold down or is it rigidly in place?

I like this concept,but we have a full awning that we use at anchor with the dodger folded down and which provides headroom to a level above the main boom. If the bimini were rigidly in place, we could no longer use the shade awning.

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Amel SM2 #387

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Bill, There is a much cheaper solution--just raise the height of the three stainless bars that hold up your present bimini by 10cm, 10cm and 25cm ( aft to forward) and 1. You can stand up ( I can , at 6 ft) PLUS 2.You can add a vinyl window right across the front which unzips at the top and rolls up neatly, both for ventilation and to allow you to stand at the wheel with your head outside for better visibility for berthing, etc.PLUS3. The vinyl window allows you to see your sails and improves visibility forward from the cockpit to an extraordinary degree PLUS4. You can sit on the aft coachroof and see forward ( as in every other Amel ever built other than the SM)
The top of the bimini will now be very close to the mainsheet. This is no problem as soon as you unfurl the main as it lifts the boom well clear. Judicious adjustment of the topping lift clears the main sheet when the sail is furled. We made these adjustments two years ago and I can't tell you how much they improve the ownership of an SM. No more cricked necks!
Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Hamble

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