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Porter McRoberts

I’d differ just a bit. I’d do a Haulout and bottom work in Fiji. Likely that’s on the list. 
I found the Fijian bottom work superior to the Opua bottom work. 
Both Denarau and Vuda quite reasonable haul prices. 
The main guy Chase Smith at Baobab Marine had his shop burn to the ground sadly. He’s out. The second pick is a very close second,Ravi at Revmarine. +679 932 2019
One can definitely negotiate a good deal. 
The fijian ablative bottom paint is very good, far better experience in Fiji with that. 
But in terms of availability of parts and good work for many other items Opua. 
That said, I found lots of good deals in Fiji. New windshields, re did the windlass, etc. the parts they have are good. And not too much of an ordeal to ship up from NZ or AU. 
Best of luck. I’m jealous!  Best too to Cindy


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Thinking ahead to next year and making some plans. Can anyone recommend a good boatyard in the Fiji area? I would also appreciate thoughts on whether to get work done there or other alternatives westward (New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia etc.) Thanks!


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