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 Hi Porter,

 How lucky you are to buy in the US. One litre of this oil probably costs CAT pumps no more than $1.50, so you might think that $9 is a bit of a rip off---until you try to buy the same product in the UK where it costs £20.47 ( nearly $25 ); oh, plus £6.95 " postage " !

 For the past 23 years and 3,500 hours I have always topped up my CAT pump 277 with engine oil, 15w40. Not had a problem.

 What does anyone else do ?

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Kilada, Greece

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i bought a new cat pump for my Watermaker. Does anybody now’s wat Kind off oil a have to fill in?
Thanks for your help.
Sv Quetzal, Supermaramu 2000, 292, cheers Heinz

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