Re: Forwardscan B&G AMEL 54

Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica

I installed the forwardscan acording to Pochon at this place shown in the Video.
The more you go forward the more interference by airbubbles from the bow YouTube get.
I hat no interference with the speedsensor or deapth sensor.

Oliver from Vela Nautica A54

Wolfgang Weber <weberamel54@...> schrieb am Fr., 13. Jan. 2023, 10:36:

when hauling out  and making new antfouling this year I would like to install the B&G Forwardscan-sensor connected to B&G Vulcan 9, which is my additional plotter for Navionics-map in the cockpit- Furuno MFD12 is still  workinggood  with c-map.
There is a  youtube by SV VELA NAUTICA about this theme , but I think the forwardscansensor would be to near  to the  airmar  echotransducer if I would  follow the same way described in the video.
I plan to  go 1 m = 3 ft from the airmar transducer to bow same middleline of the hull. The place should be in the cabinet of the port frontcabin.
Any help or suggestions ?

Wolfgang Weber SY ELISE  Amel 54 #162 La Rochelle

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