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You said: “ I do believe I am being scammed by the broker”

Unless this was a typo and you meant “do not”, I would just look for another broker, one I would have good info about and reasons to consider him/she a good profissional. 

Em seg., 30 de jan. de 2023 às 12:11, Malcolm Matalka <mmatalka@...> escreveu:

Hello everyone, I have a follow-up question.  Purchasing this boat
is still on-going, and I would like to confirm what the broker is
proposing because I do not know:

They say that once the bill of sale has been signed by all
parties, I should transfer the full amount of the boat over to the

I would like to break the purchase up into two transactions: half
once bill of sale is signed, and the other half after I have
received the Certificate of Registry or the Certificate of
Withdrawal.  I have been told by others not to complete a purchase
without those due to horror stories of everything getting signed
and never receiving the certificate and the broker going to sell
the boat to someone else.

I am told this is unusual receiving some pressure.  Additionally,
they don't really want to write a concrete contract beyond a bill
of sale.  They seem to think that is a sufficiently specific

Does anyone here have any thoughts? Advice?  I think the Bill of
Sale is valid as a contract, so if they did try to scam me, I
would have legal grounds to do that, but that doesn't mean I'm
going to get any money back even if I were to be on the right side
of the law.

To be clear, I do believe I am being scammed by the broker, but I
would like to do things as safely as I can.

"Trevor Lusty" <trevlusty@...> writes:

> Malcolm,
>               Is very exciting buying a boat, but your first is
>               really special and good luck with it.
> Better to have a contract written in your country of domicile.
> Conduct your purchase in currency preferred and favourable to
> you. Most
> importantly of all, have a your agreement ensure that your cash
> transfers against clear title of your new boat, the usual
> process is to an
> escrow account, and finally be certain that you can reverse out
> with your cash if the music stops.
> Anything is possible but you need a willing buyer and a willing
> seller. Mark's example is a brilliant example of everyone being
> on the same
> page.
> Remember, they built a lot more than one boat, if this one
> doesn't work out, there will be another and you will still have
> your funds.
> Best regards,
> Trevor Lusty
> Ireland


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