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Incidence made all the sails of A55 . Only a few first were with battens 

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The other "interesting thing" is the A55 sails made by Incidence Sails originally came with vertical battens. During the production of the A55 Incidence Sails stopped making sails for Amel with battens. Incidence made most of the sails for the A54 production beginning after Demi went out of business. Incidence stopped making sails with battens for any Amel (new or old) because of all of the issues with battens on Amels. This information was directly from a director at Incidence Sails.

I also heard that the A54 had a larger slot than the SM, but I am not sure that is correct. I haven't measured it and although I have a drawing of the SM mast, I do not have one of the A54 or A55.


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On Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 3:56 AM Alan Leslie <s.v.elyse@...> wrote:
Very interesting regardin the full battens....
UI contacted Elvstrom about this and they told is possible on a 54, but not on an SM, because of the width of the slot in the aft of the  main mast.
Apparently the slot in the 54 mast is wider than the SM, so the only way an SM can have battens is as we have...short battens that don't overlap.
We inherited these sails from the previous owner, and given that the upwind power comes from the genoa, not the main, I doubt it makes much difference if you have battens or not.
Wholly different story with a slab reefed previous IOR boat had full horizontal battens with a huge roached main and she was a witch to windward, but I'm too old for that now .. that's why I bought an Amel .. confort at sea.!
Elyse SM437

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