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When you consider that there are lots of nice in harbor features of the 54 ports in the free board?always end up leaking at a point when most troublesome time. Then there is the amount of fresh water and power they require. Yes it's great in a berth with lots of power but give the cost of power in both the Caribb and Med not to mention water in the Islands. Oh, did I forget all those nice in harbor things, drop down raise up TV's, lift up bunks, and the list goes on, all need fixing from time to time. And then there is the voltage and availability of parts issues. No, I'll keep my good old SM thanks.
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Dave -- Funds are not the only reason he will not be buying a 54. While I like many of the new features of the 54, I will never own a boat with a centerline bed. I know....everyone is supposed to love having the bed in the middle of the room rather than having to climb over your partner; but I cannot tolerate a centerline berth. We have been in too many rolly anchorages. Having a lee board against my back in rolly anchorages and also in most sea conditions underway is just not good enough for me. I want my back firmly planted against the hull under those conditions. So, no matter how much Bill likes the new 54, unless he is ready to also shop for a new wife, he won't be buying one.

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Why fight the urge? Depending on what currency your funds are kept in a newer Amel might become somewhat more affordable. Jean and I were invited aboard a 54 in Cabo last year and were quite impressed. I think the factory did a marvelous job finding areas to improve on the well proven SM.

We will be sticking with our Maramu for some years but as fortunes change.....who knows?

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OK, every morning I get up and repeat 3 times, "I will not buy a 54, I love my SM." And we both love our SM and try to keep it in new condition.

I just noticed a 54 for sale on yachtworld that has a custom built fiberglass bimini cover with 2 sliding hatches and lots of handrails. Apparently it can be raised about 6" for extra standing room and ventilation and lowered to seal the cockpit from water. It also has a custom vinyl enclosure to close the back side...really cool..."I will not buy a 54...I will not buy a 54..."

I hate to advertise for yachtworld, but you might want to look at this at¤cy=USD&access=Public&listing_id=50289&url=


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