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To sum up : 
Ragusa Brindisi Ravenna : April 
Venezia : May
Croatia Montenegro June 
Greece July then go west Sardinia France to prepare the boat for Crossing 
October Spain Gibraltar Tanger
November Canaries 
December Crossing with stop in Cabo Verde 

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Le 15 févr. 2023 à 02:34, Jay Feaver via <jay@...> a écrit :

Hi Bruno,

Great to year from you.   Unlikely, but we might cross paths, we are headed to the Western Med.  

Our Plan is to leave Lefkas GR at the end of March headed to Italy.  We will likely do Corsica, Possibly Malta, Aeolian Islands, then up the West coast of Italy aiming to be in Hyeres for July.   We were able to get French Long stay visas so we will spend most of the summer in Southern France / Corsica.  After that we will proceed towards Gibraltar to set up for a crossing to the Canaries. 

Are you still in Ragusa?   When do you leave there? 

PS - I saw your mention of Venice:  You probably know this but there is actually a bunch of sailing and anchoring that can be done in the inside the Lagoon.   We missed out because we did not allow enough days to properly explore - it was a mistake.   When you are at Certosa ask around and get someone to show you the paper version of the Carta Della Laguna di Venezia.   There is a digital version here - - but the paper one is better and has notes on the back.   Also, the local knowledge that comes with asking was ultra useful for us.   Be aware found variances of up to a meter from the published depth so yay for those of you that have forward scan :)  hope you have a great time. 

All the best, Jay

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