Re: [Amel] ST7000 Autohelm "Low Battery"


Pat turn off the unit and pull the fuse wait 5 min and put a new fuse in and start up. If you still get low voltage message you have a battery in you control box that is get old and there for low. Check with RayMarine in NH. Call w/questions.
Good luck. Richard SM209
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Subject: [Amel] ST7000 Autohelm "Low Battery"

When engaging my ST7000 Autohelm, it is reading "low battery". I checked the battery voltage and it is not low. I checked the voltage at the computer and found it to be normal voltage. Checked the cables for corrosion, none found. I have not found much discussion on this forum regarding this issue. Has anyone else had the autohelm read "low battery" and how did you resolve it?


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