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When you say "two green blowers hooked together and wired with a 220v type plug," you are describing exactly the 24VDC dinghy inflation pump(s) that came with BeBe, #387. The pump plugs into a 24VDC receptacle in the rear lazerette and the breaker for this receptacle is above the ceiling of the passage berth. The plug and the receptacle are large and might be mistaken for 230.

I feel quite certain that Amel would not have put a 230 Volt dinghy compressor on your boat.


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Hi, Eric,
The inflator I'm talking about was two green blowers hooked together and wired with a 220v type plug that was on "Kristy" when I bought her.  I added a 110 inverter to charge my laptop and other equipment,but it isn't located in a good place to pump the dinghy.  I assumed the two connected pumps were 220v pumps as there is an outlet on the starboard side of the forward bulkhead in the aft lazarrette that has a 220 type plug.  I haven't checked to see if it's 220 or 110, but I don't think there's any other inverter to convert 220 to 110v unless the inverter that changes 110 shorepower to 220 works in a reciprocal fashion.  I'll have to put my multitester on the outlet and check it out.   Guess it could be 12or 24 DC or 110 or 220v AC.  I couldn't find any info labels or stamps on the blowers that say anything about their voltage or amperage.
Are you thinking about taking the two apart or do you have another pump?
By the way, I met a friend? of yours while in Eleuthera in April.  Eric Forsythe on "Fiona".  Says he's known you for a long time and said to say Hi.  He'd been in the Caribbean for a year or two and was on his way back to New York.

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