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Hi Kent:

The inflator you describe is the standard Amel supplied 24 Volt DC inflator. In fact it is two 12 volt inflaters wired in series. When we took delivery of our boat from Amel Olivier Beaute. who did the delivery school, l made a point to instruct us never use this inflator when the battery chargers were operating, the genset was running or the main engine was charging as they put out about 28 volts onto the battery bus and the higher voltage would burn up the inflator.
I had previously looked for a 24 volt inflator in the USA and never found one. I think the lack of a vendor is why Amel chose the inflator they provided. You should be able to replicate their solution.

All the best, Gary Silver, Amel SM Hull #335

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Hi again, Amellers,
I'm looking to replace a 220v dinghy inflator that bit the dust. Looking at one by Intex that has Hi & Lo pressure switch. Does anyone have any experience with this one or any other that you'd recommend? I'm finding it hard to locate 220v pumps in the USA.

Thanks for your advice.

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