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Porter McRoberts

For what it’s worth, we had exactly the same looking patches, and it was indeed anti fouling that had flaked off and then been repainted over. Looked precisely the same as yours. 


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 Thank you Scott!


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I agree with Bill, but of course the only way to be sure is it remove all antifouling next time around. But if I had to bet, I'd say it's just previous antifoul coming off and a poor prep job by your most recent painter.

Ours is flaking off in large chunks down to a layer applied prior to my ownership of the boat. I'm going to have it scraped and sanded.

As an aside, if any of you crossing the Pacific plan to get soda blasting done when you get to NZ, I will tell you that it's near impossible to get that done here. The local boatyard wanted around 15k NZD to hand scrape and sand. 

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