Re: [Amel] Dessalator 160 liter per hour water maker low pressure pump

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Hi Bill, we use a Surflo controlled pressure pump before the high pressure pump it has a rate of 3.2 gal per min or 192 per hour at 30 psi.. with an auto shut off if pressure goes to high. That should do the deed for you. It was an easy install out of the salt water manifold into a 30 micron filter and to the pre-high pressure pump to the high pressure pump. No starvation to the high pressure pump just clean water? salt water. We also use a 10 micron charcoal filter before from the fresh water tank before the fresh water pressure system to be very sure we get NO chlorine into the membrane.
Good luck..
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Subject: [Amel] Dessalator 160 liter per hour water maker low pressure pump

Does anyone have the specs on the 230v low pressure pump on the 160lph water maker. I am looking for gallons/hour or some such water flow spec to be able to buy a spare/replacement pump. I emailed Dessalator, but no response. I guess they knew that I was probably looking to buy the pump elsewhere.


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