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Did someone knows if the Air conditioning system is working in both modes heat and cool in the 55 ? I think that when I push the button in the kitchen panel in heat mode the led is blinking and nothing happens . Thanks for explanation 

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David, my Webasto is a boiler that produces warm water which is circulated around the boat by a pump.  It‘s Webasto Thermo Pro 90D.   In each cabin and each head compartment, there is a water/air heat exchanger consisting of a small fan which draws air over the copper tubes with the warm water and blows it into the cabin/head.   Kalori/Silencio.  Both the boiler and each fan consumes a certain amount of electricity which adds up, but then I‘m not heating the boat to 20C - more like 14-15C, so the fans aren‘t running much and the boiler is heating the water only a small percentage of time.  I do not have a heat exchanger in the cockpit but I don‘t think that‘s a problem in the temps we‘ve encountered as you wear warm clothes anyways.  In much colder areas than Iceland, I would want a Reflex because of the lack of electricity consumption but then I’ve been told those stoves have their own issues with the flute and maybe even when heeling so they may be difficult to run when sailing.

Regarding condensation, I have induction/electric cooking so that reduces the amount of condensation while cooking by a lot.  Also, the 55 in a lot of areas has paneling along the hull, deck and coachroof which effectively creates an air cushion between the outside and the inside of the cabin.  So there‘s already a certain amount of insulation built in.  

Cheers Joerg 

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