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Thank you for all of the suggestions. We

Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe <yahoogroups@...> wrote:

First, check the voltage at the 24 volt bus near the course computer. Assuming that you have good voltage at that point, I can almost guaranty that the following will work.

Next, buy some CorrosionX. Place a very small amount in a small container. Using a small brush, coat all of the wire contact points where a wire, connector, or a clip joins either the course computer, the drive, and the control head. If a Raymarine Seatalk connector is used at the control head, remove it and coat the pins and the inside of the receptacle.

This stuff is amazing. I have used it on wiring connections, computers, everything. It is a private company that produces CorrosionX for Aviation and Marine solutions. It is not flammable. If you have to ship it via air, buy the trigger bottle, because the aerosol will be considered dangerous.

I do not have any connection with this company...if it were a public company, I would buy stock!

Let me know if it works for far I am batting 1000 in situations like you described.


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