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Le 15 mars 2023 à 01:27, Paul Filgiano <Filgiano@...> a écrit :

Hi everyone,

We wish to hire a yacht manager to look after our boat for 1 month this summer while in Athens as we will have to return to Canada.  Here’s a list of companies available. Has anyone used one of them in the past and if so, were you satisfied? Are there any we should avoid?

  • A1 Yachting
  • Alfamaritime (Mr. Kassed) 
  • Alpha group (Mr. Politis)
  • Elysee Ltd (Mrs. Bourdon)
  • G&K Yachting
  • Leomar Shipping (Mrs. Peristeri) 
  • Nautilus Shipping Agencies
  • Neptunea
  • V. Karogiannis (Mr. Papadopoulos) 
Thank you in advance for your input.
Paul & Christine Filgiano
Montreal, QC (Canada)

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