Re: Has anyone made a Hard Top instead of a Bimini for Super Maramu #solution

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Hi Eloi , 

I see that you are in Puerto Williams . That makes us very jealous ! We are in Ushuaia , alas on land as our boat is in Greece . We have come for a few days to walk down memory lane.
18 years ago to the day we sailed from Puerto Williams to Porto Torro and on to Cape Horn , rounding on 17th March 2005. We had such calm weather that one of us could stay on board whilst the other two ( we had our son with us ) went ashore to meet the lighthouse keeper . His house then was of corrugated iron tied in place with steel wires and concrete blocks.
On our return to Micalvi we celebrated with the best pisco sours in Chile ( rather a lot of them!)
I hear that in PW at the moment is a disabled English guy on a catamaran waiting for a window to go to the Horn . His name is Tom . Friend of a friend of ours . If you see him wish him Bon voyage and buen suerte ! 
What are your plans ? 
Ian and Judy, Pen Azen , SM 302 

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I think the idea of Andrew will be the best looking one. For having been on an A54 with a hardtop similar to the one of Soleil Bleu, I think it should go all the way back to the mizzen mast. In adition, the possibility to remove the engin or generator should be given, so some sort of bold on middle part would be necessary. 

SM2k 426, Red Lion
Puerto Williams

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