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OR do what we are doing after 10 years replacing the gypsy AND the chain at
the same time from the same people Budget marine. Of course our boat which
Judy and Bill know rather well was in charter for 9 years so the chain and
the gypsy got a lot of use prob the equivalent of 25/30 years of private
owner use. The new gypsy was/is not ultra expensive do have a look at your
one as it could be well worn - we end for ended the chain last year as it
was well past its sell by date but that was only a short term fix.

Judy and Bill note Googlemail has now become Gmail both will get to me.



On 4 June 2010 09:49, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe


Best way is to remove the gipsy and take it with will be a good
time to grease the Gipsy Clutch Cone. Lay the new chain in the gipsy to
determine the proper fit. BTW, Lofrans stamps the gipsy with size of chain
and Lofrans makes 3 sizes of 10mm/3/8"...they are:
#276f - Gipsy chain 3/8" Din 766
#276g - Gipsy chain 3/8" BBB
#276h - Gipsy chain 3/8" HT

You never know, maybe the guy before you changed out what Amel spec'd for
the boat.

Hope this helps. Judy says hi to Kirsey.


s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Singapore

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Richard, I've been told to be carefull when buying new chain as each linc
can vary a small amount in length from different manufactures. When you add
up this small amount by meters it starts to add up considerably causing the
chain to jump or jam in the gypsy. I was wondering if this has happened to
any one or are the winches on Amels not so prone to this
happening.....Regards Conn

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Conn most Amel come w/10mm aka 3/8 chain
Be sure to use high strength chain and high rate shackels. And secure
the bitter end.

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Subject: [Amel] anchor winch chain

Hi All, I'm going to replace the anchor chain. Has anyone replaced their
chain on a tigress winch 10mm. How crutial is the chain size. Over 1 meter
10mm short linc chains can vary around 1/2 in from different suppliers. Does
this cause problems......Conn sv Jasmyn

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