Re: hot water boiler on A54 - what capacity?

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Hi Vladan , 
As a matter of interest , how did you get on with the 30 litre hot tank ? Did you find it adequate ? How many people do you normally sail with ? 

The reason I ask is that although we have a 40l on our SM it’s a really tight fit against the exhaust of our Onan . We replaced our Onan recently and the new one is slightly longer than the original . It occurred to me that if the 40 l ever needs replacing we cd use a 30 l which would fit more easily . 
We rarely have more than 2 on board.

Ian and Judy , Pen Azen , SM 302, Kilada , Greece
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As Bill said, the original was an Isotemp 40 with engine coolant circuit and 750 Watt 230V heater element.
I replaced mine with a version that has a mixer-valve that brings down the output temperature of the water to safer levels (adjustable) and also helps you make the content last longer. 

I also saw a model with 2 coolant circuits. Intended for a second engine. That seems great to hook up to the generator but it will have to wait until this one fails. 

Arno Luijten
SV Luna

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