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David Mackintosh <dlm48@...>

WELL Bill,

On our gypsy it was the chain recesses that were/are worn - as to spelung
well Lofrans' is an Italian company so one cant expect proper Henglish can
we now and you are American he he

LOFRANS CAYMAN 88 (10mm Chain Gypsy) 24V 1000W WINDLASS

LOFRANS FALKON (10mm Chain Gypsy) 24V / 1500W HORIZONTAL
i rest my case :-)

Re the gypsy it has a cone clutch...............well ours has so not 100%
about which key you are taking about unless you mean the key on the inner

kindest regards


On 4 June 2010 14:03, Judy and Bill aboard SV BeBe


Yes it means 3/8 High Tensile.

That said, David's suggestion about replacing the gipsy at the same time
that the chain is replaced is sound. On close inspection, you will probably
find that the slot in the gipsy hub for the gipsy key somewhat
enlarged...time to replace it, or have it repaired.

BTW, I spell it gipsy because that is how Lofrans spells it in their
English language printed matter...I noticed everyone else using the palm
reader I wonder which is correct...I only know one person who
can solve this dilemma...David, where are you?

Good luck.

s/v BeBe, SM2k, #387
Currently Singapore

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