Air Conditioning Capacitors

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I must disagree. It is not always possible to see if a capacitor has died. Sometimes it is easy when the casing suffers a rupture but other times there is no visual indication.Capacitors are cheap and essential spares. Open up the A/C control box and list the specs of each and every one and get a complete set. They cost perhaps five euros each at an electronics shop or you can get them from Clima for 65euros each. If you use an a/c engineer he may well charge you the 65euros even though he has bought them at the electronics shop. I know this as I refused to get capacitors from the Clima Agent in Italy and then got ripped off for the Clima price in Spain by an independent mechanic. There are two sorts of capacitors, some have tabs on top to connect to spade type terminals and the other sort has short lenths of wire with terminals on the ends. Very easy to add these bits of wire to the terminal sort.
Change each capacitor in turn trying the unit after each change and thus track down the dud one.
Be warned, they are like batteries with a short life as they store electricity for a short while after being switched off So leave them be for a few minutes to discharge or if you like a spark put an insulated screwdriver across the terminals to make sure. It does not hurt them !
While you are at it list the specs of all the other capacitors and get spares, good shops are few and far between.

Good luck, John, Bali Hai SM 319

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